Care Labs

Care Labels For Humans has been developed by testing it with small groups of people who have been to Manchester Girl Geeks events over the last two years.

To find out more about how people would like to use Care Labels For Humans we would like to work directly with groups to bring the Care Labels For Humans experience to you, learning as we go along.

How can we take part?

We are looking for groups who ideally…

  • Are between 10 and 30 people in size
  • Have some members who ‘communicate differently’
  • Take place in a health or social care setting
  • Take place in an education setting
  • Are involved with start-up businesses
  • Are free to spend 2 to 3 hours on the experiment
  • Can commit time to some pre-work and feedback

We are based in Manchester, UK and would prefer to work with people in places which have good public transport links to the city.

If you feel you have a good use of Care Labels For Humans that you don’t see listed here we would also love to hear from you for future Care Labs activity.

Use the form below to tell us more about why you’re interested in using Care Labels For Humans.

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