Care Labels For Humans: Emojis For The Soul

Care Labels For Humans is set of cool stickers, a bit like emojis, which you can wear or share to let other people know how you’d like to be treated.

They make it easier to connect in face-to-face situations and quite simply take the awkward out of being social.

Why Networking Is Not Working

The tool was originally designed to help people feel less awkward at networking events where a high level of interaction is expected. We are currently testing our paper prototype with a view to launching later in 2019. If you’d like to get involved, visit our Care Labs page.

Because it’s easier for us, we tend to mix with the people most like ourselves at face-to-face events. It is human nature to stick with familiar friends or colleagues or to prefer to approach people we feel our most like us.

We can also make the mistake of assuming that everyone wants to be approached in the same way.

In his 2018 book, Friend of a Friend, David Burkus describes the impact such behaviours have on how we develop our networks.

“If our network doesn’t think that differently to us then we won’t be pushed to expand our thinking or question our reasoning.

David Burkus, ‘Friend of a Friend’, 2018

Difference Matters

Networking events can be more challenging still for people think or communicate differently.

Care Labels For Humans was tested at events that focused on mental health, but we received many suggestions for other groups who might benefit from the tool. Imagine how awkward networking might feel if you:

  • Are an introvert
  • Struggle with reading or writing
  • Have a mental health condition
  • Are on the neurodiverse spectrum
  • Have a sensory impairment
  • Don’t speak English well
  • Have recently experienced loss
  • Are just having a lousy day

How Care Labels For Humans Work

You are given a Care Card for you to write your name and gender pronouns and social media details on if you wish.

There are also spaces for the three types of Care Labels:

A Labels which say how you’d prefer others to approach you

B Labels which say how you’d prefer others to behave around you

C Labels which relate to self-care – activities and interests that help you (C can also stand for things you like to ‘chat’ about or ‘connect’ over).

Care Labels In Action

We tested Care Labels For Humans at an event hosted by Manchester Girl Geeks. We got some great feedback which helped us make changes and bring you the product you see today.

Help Care Labels For Humans Grow

Care Labels For Humans continues to grow and develop and we want you to be a part of our story.

We are offering reduced cost packs to groups and organisations who can commit to providing us with information about their experience of using our tool. You can find out more about our ‘Care Labs’ programme using the link below.

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